Baylor University Rape Case

Baylor Ken Starr


Baylor University, a premier school of secondary education, with highly respected nursing, engineering, computer science, and human science programs, a highly respected athletic program, and in the middle of a huge rape scandal.

According to multiple reports, and multiple lawsuits, the administration at Baylor has ignored multiple cases of rape and sexual assault to protect a “cash cow.”

The school responded to this by firing head football coach Art Briles, athletic director Ian McCaw, and president Ken Starr. Starr will, however, continue his career at the school teaching law.

According to, Starr was, at one point, a major player in the investigation of Bill Clinton and his scandal with Monica Lewinski,  leading to Clinton’s impeachment. He is “the man who let slip—or rather, leak—into the public record every titillating detail of Clinton’s sexual indiscretions.”

So why would a man so keen on the morality of the President of the United States, not look after the morality of students at his school?

Baylor has been a football power in the Big 12 conference for the last decade or so, and during the 2014-2015 school year, made 106.1 million dollars in revenue in the athletic department, according to

Now, if the athletes that were responsible for this high revenue were to make some mistakes which cost them their eligibility, it would just be easier to cover it up.

According to lawsuits and claims made by victims of sexual assault, the University ignored their claims and pushed them to “get over it,” according to ESPN’s Outside the Lines.

This is a huge story in the sports world, especially with other schools dealing with similar issues. It is another example of people that we look up to and respect making mistakes and being influenced by greed.

Already Baylor is experiencing the after-effects of the cover-ups. While already having a black eye in the media, multiple athletes have left the program to pursue football at other universities.

While this rape scandal could be a detriment to Baylor University, we can all hope that the new administration put in at the school will bring justice to the victims of sexual assault at their institution. Maybe then Baylor can return to the respect that it had once as a school, and it can return to the top, this time doing it the right way.

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