Well its summer, everyone’s favorite time of the year: spending Saturday’s on the lake, going out with friends, no school. Who doesn’t love this time of year?

Ummm, for a sports junkie, summer is a continual drag as we wait for football season to start.

Except for the news that Kevin Durant will be playing next season as a Warrior, it’s been all baseball for the past few weeks, and if baseball isn’t your cup of tea, well, its okay, football season is only 2 months away.

Don’t get me wrong, I love going to a good baseball game and trying to catch foul balls and home-runs, but when its all we have for sports during the summer, it gets boring very fast.

Fortunately we have the Summer Olympics this year, that should help get us a little closer to football season a little faster.

As a Tennessee Volunteers football fan, I have been waiting for this season for a very long time. I literally cannot remember the last time Tennessee beat the Florida Gators, and I have only seen one season when the Vols legitimately competed for an SEC championship.

This is finally the year, after years of disaster and rebuilding, Tennessee is finally back to competing for championships, where it was nearly a decade ago before the fiasco that has been the Kiffin-Dooley era in Knoxville.

Tennessee has 17 returning starters and has one of the most experienced rosters in the nation, let alone the SEC.

There are no excuses this year for this team. If they cannot execute this year, the window of opportunity will have passed for now, seeing many key players will probably be gone next year due to graduation and the draft.

Football season can’t come soon enough, and I can’t wait for it.