Packers Make Unbelievable Playoff Run

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers had just fallen to the Washington Redskins 42-24, and sat in their locker room defeated, and their record had dropped to 4-6.

Even if the Packers were to win the rest of their games, 10-6 would not guarantee a playoff berth. Then, Rodgers said it.

“I feel like we can run the table, I really do,” Rodgers said. That’s a tall order for a team with their top 2 running backs injured and their defensive secondary decimated with injuries.

The next two weeks, the Packers beat the Eagles and the Texans, and while no win is easy in the NFL, those two wins weren’t impressing anybody.

Then they flattened the Seahawks in a game that never was competitive. Their next three games were all division games, not very good Chicago, declining Minnesota, and the playoff contending Lions.

Suddenly, Rodgers’ prediction seemed plausible, and the team began to believe in themselves.

After late game heroics by Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson and Mason Crosby, the Packers faced the Detroit Lions in a game that decided the division.

The Packers came out on top, and faced the New York Giants in the playoffs, the only team to knock off Dallas in the regular season (excluding Philadelphia because the Cowboys played their 3rd string players most of the game.)

The Giants outplayed Green Bay in the first half, but another Rodgers hail mary put the Packers up at halftime, and they never looked back, winning 38-13.

Then in the divisional round of the playoffs, the Packers looked as if they would embarrass the Cowboys, but Dallas fought back and tied the game at 31 with 34 seconds remaining.

34 seconds, way too much time for Aaron Rodgers and his team.

The Cowboys defense held strong, and had Green Bay in 3rd and 10, with 12 seconds remaining. But Aaron Rodgers, the football wizard of our time, fired a bullet pass across his body while rolling left, and found his tight end Jared Cook on the sideline with 3 seconds remaining.

Mason Crosby then booted a 51-yard field goal to seal the victory for the Packers, advancing them to play Atlanta in the NFC Championship Game, and a chance to go to Super Bowl LI.

This incredible 8-game winning streak was one of the most impressive in NFL history, and furthered Aaron Rodgers’ legacy and put him in the conversation of the greatest of all time.

Tomorrow the Packers take that 8-game winning streak to the Georgia dome, with the chance to further the impossible.